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The "Autobiz" company was estblished in 2000.

Throughout its time, Autobiz keeps and follows principles of working with our clients and customers. A satisfied customer is our main goal, that we believe in. We are growing and improving our services for our clients and customers.

For our customers, "AutoBiz" is a wholesale supplier. Owners of a carparts shops or car service companies, or, whatever, tire sellers, can always find everything to hit their clients needs, whithin "AutoBiz".

There are company managers at our showroom. Customers come here to find goods, get advice from qualified specialists. Also, we can do all that paperwork for you, to save your time, and you can spend it to find a goods you're interested in. That's why our regular customers happily come back to our showroom - each time, there is something new awaits them.

Our warehouse space is over than 130 000 sq. ft.

Every day our partners, in a timely manner ship and deliver goods to our customers at Vladivostok, Primorsky Krai and the entire Far Eastern Federal District.

  • All in one logistics department

    Warehouse terminals, transporting node and controlling structure

  • More than 15 000 of goods

    Available in stock

  • More than 130 000 square feet

    Of fully equipped warehouse area

  • More than 2 870 tons per month

    The turnover of the logistics dept.

  • Autobiz provides shipping service

    21 trucks with a total carrying capacity more than 100 tons

  • Regular shipping routes

    By regions and within cities

The "Autobiz" company is the official distributor of the following trademarks in the Far Eastern Federal Region of the Russian Federation:

AutoBiz Company is the exclusive representative of brands of auto chemical goods and accessories:


A brand of Korean autochemistry and cosmetics. Also this company produces a modern line of fragrances for the car by the brand Yammy.


A brand of accessories for the car: covers, rugs, compressors, child seats.



A brand of oils and auto chemicals for Japanese cars.

Nordix, Startex

Startex, Nordix

Accumulators of JIS and DIN standards, produced at the Korean factory Global Battery.

The clients of the company "Avtobiz" are more than 3000 companies in the Far East and Siberia

Among our clients:


Hyperauto network of auto shops and car-care centers


«MASUMA» network of branded auto parts stores


«AGA-Champion» network of automobile supermarkets


Nevada Vostok LLC (Sambery hypermarket network)


The network of filling stations Rosneft and RN-Vostoknefteprodukt LLC


Autoterritory automobile supermarket


AutoMag autoshops network

Coca-Cola HBS Russia

Primorsky branch of Coca-Cola HBS Russia


Terneyles woodworking enterprise


«Mazda-Sollers» car factory


Amayama online store

Alabazino LLC

Alabazino LLC (Khabarovsk)

VLK LLC (Khabarovsk)

VLK LLC (Khabarovsk)

Mir Avto LLC

Mir Avto LLC (Komsomolsk-on-Amur)

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